A Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Agency


About Us

Dobi Healthcare services, LLC (DHS) is a private community mental health rehabilitation organization certified, and enrolled by state of Louisiana medicaid to provide both mental health, and behavioral health care services to children, adolescents and adults, who meet medical necessity requirements resulting from a diagnosis of serious mental helth disorder or emotional disturbance.

DHS provides these individuals with opportunity  to receive treatment in their natural family, school and community settings in order to build upon their strenghts, overcome barriers, and help prevent the need for more restrictive services.We believe that by providing positive, effective and individualized services in a least restrictve setting, individuals will improve or stabilize behavioral symptoms. This approach engender health and hope, as it helps the individuals improve their ability to reach their potentials and increase their life satisfaction and sense of wellbeing.

When to Get Help for your Loved One

People with mental or emotional problems need to get help as soon as possible. Pay attention if your loved one has any of these and other warning  signs:

  • Refusing to attend or declining performance in school
  • Extreme fearfulness or excessive worrying
  • Persistant sadness and crying or hopelessness
  • Recurrent negative feelings about oneself
  • uncontrollable anger or outbursts, or overreacting
  • Constant concern about physical problems or appearance
  • Repetitive habits and rituals such as handwashing, counting or touching
  • Worry about being harmed, hurting others or doing something bad
  • Excessive sexual thoughts or actions
  • Having racing thoughts that are almost too fast to follow
  • Repetitive stealing
  • Using alcohol or other drugs
  • Seeing things or hearing voices that cannot be explained

What Happens With Too Much of Worrying?


Worrying is a general feeling of uneasiness that creeps in when any situation or problem is too much of a concern to you. This is accompanied by a constant thought as to what might happen that keeps coming back to us again and again. All of this leads to anxiety or even panic as long as we are awake.


At DOBI HEALTHCARE SERVICES, it is our goal to provide positive, effective and individualized services to the individual in a least restrictive environment that allows the individual to experience improvement,or stability of symptoms of mental or emotional disorder. Individuals in the program experience improvement in their ability to reach their potential, improve quality of life, and overall life satisfaction, while reducing the need for more restrictive services.

Treatment at DOBI HEALTHCARE SERVICES are determined through evaluation by licensed child and adolescent psychiatrist or licensed psychologist or clinical social worker.